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Trendy in Italy, free cut, that peculiar cut that we give to our garments on the neck, sleeves and low shirt. Treated with high quality pigments, to achieve a unique, different and diverse effect in each of the T-shirts, also the original irregular color remains in all the seams once aged. This is one of the reasons that each of the garments are numbered by hand by the artist 1/13...


The company was born in 2011 in Barcelona in one of the most bohemian and authentic neighborhoods of the city, the Gracia neighborhood. Some years before creating the company, we developed designs and illustrations for top-level national and international companies. We always lived fashion with great passion and as a lifestyle, but rebellious against globalization that spreads like an epidemic. We are lovers of T-shirts, which have reached their climax as a trend concept in all areas. We wanted to do our bit, but no matter how much we traveled the world, we couldn't find the right and #DIFFERENTpattern, but we finally managed to develop it. After a decade making cotton t-shirts, we had the need to do a new project, #THINKORGANIC #VEGAN that above all was sustainable with the environment, for a better world. Unlike its inorganic sister, the ecological vintage T-shirt is the one that could not be missed, with a more classic and contemporary pattern. Our exclusive avant-garde designs born by an amazing artist and illustrator are a reflection of that. In fact, it is a trend line inspired by authentic concepts. We buy the raw fabric in famous Tuscany, we manufacture the garments in Naples and finish the process with the dyes, design creation / illustration and digitization in Barcelona City.

#Think Organic#

We make 100% organic cotton with certification GOTS, in the most responsible, ethical and sustainable way, with the best raw materials so as not to harm people, animals or the planet. Always guaranteeing that we do not use animal ingredients in our fabrics and obtaining the certificate VEGAN. We work exclusively with Partners and Official Distributors in Europe that are members of FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION, in order to guarantee good decent working conditions with fair hours without exploitation or discrimination, ensuring their safety and guaranteeing gender equality (in the chain of production). We used natural dyes to create the color palette: turmeric + red cabbage (green), turmeric (yellow), beet (reddish), black beans (blue), tea (grayish and brown)...


Our Cotton, men's t-shirt in 100% cotton [ Flame yarn], which achieves this effect of natural waters by twisting the thread. With this quality of cotton we make the t-shirt stand out from any other cotton on the market.
Combed Cotton that we use, it is the best quality yarn that can be obtained from cotton. Only very regular short fibers are used for its manufacturing, obtaining a fine, soft and very resistant thread that barely contains loose fibers, offering very good performance in terms of resistance, comfort and printing. Premium Quality.


Pattern so in trend in Italy, free cut, that peculiar cut we use with our garment’s neck, sleeves and low shirt.
Dyes, the dyeing process, treated with high quality pigments, to achieve a unique, different and diverse effect in each of the T-shirts, as well as the original irregular color that remains in all the seams once aged. One of the reasons that each of the garments is numbered by hand by the artist 1/13….
Digitization, all our t-shirts are made by digitally printing one by one. With direct digital printing we achieve incredible photographic quality, full of contrasts. All our designs are integrated respecting each background color of the T-shirt.


Labels and Presentation
Jan brand print on the inside of the neck of the T-shirts , the kraft label incorporates the logo and is joined with hemp thread, all this provides a touch of distinction to the article. Hand numbered by the artist 1/13...

They are delivered to the customer ironed, bagged and with an ecological and personalized envelope with the illustration of your selected T- shirt because with this we want to extend the useful life of the ecological envelope.

Final Product

We treat all the phases with great care and love given that we want it to be close to perfection..


Shops with exhibition of products  Jan Collezione.

ED Barcelona
Rosselló, 210

Almoina, 30 (Porreres)

Rambla, 9 (Palma de Mallorca)

Josep Tous i Ferrer, 12 (Palma de Mallorca)

Maó, 12 (Ciutadella)

Av. Central, 2 (Aínsa)

Av. del Parque, 2

Joaquin Pano, 21 (Monzón)

Plaza Puerta de Jerez, 1 (San Lucar)

Rosario, 41 (San Fernando)

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